Repairing Night Eye Serum


A gentle and rich creme, enhanced with hyaluronic acid, lavender, blue-green algae, calendula, rooibos & pomegranate extracts and evening primrose to retain moisture in the tender and delicate skin around your eyes.

Why I should use:
A specialty anti-aging serum that reduces under-eye puffiness and the appearance of bags and dark circles while reviving the elasticity and firmness of the delicate skin in and around the eye area.

Available Size: 1oz/30mL

Pro Tip: This product should be stored below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How to use:

Apply a pea to quarter size amount of Eye Serum onto the ring finger. Rub both of your ring fingers together, to warm product. Gently apply in a light tapping motion from the inner part of the eye, to the outside and around the orbital bone. Let absorb into the skin. Use AM and PM for the best results.

Star Ingredients: Origin & Education

Hyaluronic Acid: high antibacterial property acid that promotes and keeps collagen synthesis up as well as moisture retention; healing properties regulate inflammation levels that signal the body to build more blood vessels in damaged areas.

Roobios: enriched with an excellent antioxidant known as superoxide dismutase that helps boosts the production of healthy skin cells. Plant extract rich in alpha hydroxy and zinc that commands anti-inflammatory properties which can alleviate the effects of acne, pimples, and sunburn.

Full Spectrum Hemp: wild plant originating from Central Asia recorded as early as 2800 B.C. known for many attributes including its extractability to bind to a special set of receptors in the skin known as TRPV 1, receptors below the skin’s surface that quell inflammation caused by heat, pain, itch, and infection.

Pomegranate: Wild tree believed to have originated in Persia and the Sub Himalayan foothills of Northern India; the fruit contains three times s as many antioxidants as both wine or green tea rich and its extract neutralizes the effect of free radicals in our body which help in stimulating keratinocyte cells (skin cells) and help in cellular regeneration, thereby keeping wrinkles and sagging skin at bay.

Evening Primrose: small, a yellow wildflower found in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia highly concentrated in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), an omega 6 fatty acid that reports say visibly lightens hyperpigmentation in addition to healing hormonal acne. The potent level of antioxidants in this flower’s extract helps to neutralize free radicals, which protect the skin from oxidation in living tissue.

More: Leaping Bunny Certified. Paraben-free. Petrochemical free. Phthalate-free. Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis ), Organic Olive Fruit Oil (Olea Europaea ), Organic Alcohol, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil Simmondsia Chinensis ), Emulsifying Wax Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60), Hemp Extract (Cannabis Sativa), Stearic Acid, Organic Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennis ), Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Lavender Flower Water (Lavandula Angustifolia), Organic Rooibos Leaf Extract ( Aspalathus Linearis), Organic Lavender Flower Extract (Lavandula Angustifolia), Organic Calendula Flower Extract (Calendula Officinalis) Officinalis), Pomegranate Seed Extract ( Punica Granatum ), Organic Blue Green Algae Extract Aphanizomenon Flos Aqua), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus ), Xanthan Gum


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